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Exterior Mods

I pulled off the plastic body cladding and decided to coat the exposed area with a bedliner, Duplacolor's Bed Armor with Kevlar. Got the kit on sale at Autozone for $75.

To prep out, I thought I'd fill the holes left by the cladding.

I ground out and reamed each with a Dremel tool.

Filled each hole with a fiberglass filler. Use this sparingly to save yourself an enormous amount of sanding. It's been too long since I've done body work, and trying to beat the setting filler I got sloppy.

Sanded down the excess and found that some took...

and some didn't.

I filled those that didn't with a Bondo filler, and sanded it down after setting. 80 grit. I didn't finish-sand knowing the liner would make it a moot point.

I had sanded enough.

After cleaning everything up, I masked the bodywork and removed the bumpers.

I was sure to mask interior lines as well.

I shot the grill and the driving light holes with the same bumper-black I used on the upper grill, knowing …