Hood Black-out and Dakar Logo

Having driven my share of westward returns at golden hour I've wanted to black-out the hood getting rid of that double whammy reflection. The contour of the Gen III's hood lines flow nicely to the grill leaving the popped round fenders to flank the black, framing it up nicely.

But I wanted to break up the mass of the black with a graphic, deciding on the Dakar logo to tie in the badges I added. Here's how I did it:

I googled the graphic and projected it on a wall where I hung some newsprint.

I traced the logo...

...and cut it out of the newsprint creating the template.

I taped the template to the hood and masked the exposed area...

...and then trimmed the mask through the template.

I masked the rest of the hood and removed it, suspended and shot it with Dupli-Color flat black trim paint, three coats.

Peeled off the masking. And this is the result.

I also shot the rest of the grill to blend the lines form the hood. I had previously painted the grill insert.

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