Driving Lights

Since I trashed the driver's side driving lamp on the Three Hour Tour, I've been looking for a replacement alternative to OEM. Prices were outrageous, at least for me, to go stock or upgrade, either way I was looking at $300+. So I rolled the dice and ordered a pair of Montero Sport driving lamps, under $75 for the pair and engineered a new mount for the lamps.

I removed the factory frame along with the connectors, since the Sport connectors don't match the Montero's factory harness, go figure. I fed the lamp housing through the front of the openings in the bumper and used steel strapping to create a frame with which they were mounted. I eye-balled the beam path, measuring lamp centers. I later tweaked height with an adjustment of what's left of the lower bumper, creating an adjustable strut that pulls the lower part of the bumper in.

Since I had the bumper off I picked up a pair of Hella 550 FFs and installed them.

Passed the shake and rattle test.

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