Hi-Lift Jack Mount

A change in our camping setup along with the added rigidity of a roof rack mod got me to consider an alternate spot to mount a Hi-Lift. Before I had it mounted on a pair of Thule load bars, but in their absence since I won't be using the RTT, I created a mount on the factory rack using a pair of QuickFists following their instructions on how to use them for this purpose.

I drilled out the the holes in the QuickFists with a 3/8" bit. I measured the jack and decided on a 34" center that would allow the jack to mount through the holes on the ladder. With that measurement, I drilled two 3/8" holes, 34 inches apart on the passenger side roof rack, perpendicular to the side making it exit at the angle of the rail.

I inserted a 3" 3/8-16 bolt from the underside so the threads were pointing out of the rail. Anything longer than a three inch bolt will not clear the roof to access the hole.

The QuickFists were mounted on the bolts, along with four washers, a lock washer and a lock nut. (Were the bolt completely threaded I wouldn't have used the washers save one along with the lock washer - I was using existing hardware hanging out in my garage.)

With the QuickFists in place the Hi-Lift mounted on it using the protruding bolts to hold it in place. For my own peace of mind I added a fender washer and another lock bolt on top of that to cinch things down. Solid.

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